mhimodd (mhimodd) wrote,

RP Etiquette

No godmodding. You are not God. Seriously. Putting words into someone else's mouth, and moving them around willy nilly as you please, those are all things that are absolutely not allowed in this game. The only time godmodding is allowed at all is if you have cleared it with both the other player and the mods for something like a scene involving sex.

Be polite. We're not asking you to be Mother Theresa here, just abide by the general courtesy rules accepted here in LJ. We'll accept friendly joshing, but purposefully hating on someone - player or character - is not acceptable behavior and if we keep seeing it happen, you will be banned.

You are not your character. We don't really care whether you model you character after yourself - though the character should never be a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu - but we want to make it clear that you are not that character, no matter the likeness. This means that what you know as a player does not bleed into what you know as a character. This also means that you don't take an insult thrown at your character by another character to be an insult thrown at you. If you find that you do have an issue with another player, please come straight to the mods.

U dn rite lik thuis in the thred comm. As fun as writing in chat speak can be, threading is not a place for it. Please check your spelling and capitalization and make sure your sentences make sense, before pressing that "post" button. You can write however you like in your journal entries - you are writing as a character after all, and they might be in a hurry and/or have bad spelling.

Talk to us. All major storylines should be discussed with a mod beforehand. This is to make sure nothing conflicts with the general story arc. You can leave your requests for a Go Ahead on this post.

Actually play. All members are required to participate in a thread at least once every two weeks. The same goes for journal entries - each of your characters must post an entry at least once every two weeks. One sentence entries do not count. In addition, you should be checking your flist and leaving comments frequently. This is to ensure that the game remains active and that the story moves forward.

Chat on AIM. Either IC or OOC, doesn't matter. Chatting through AIM and getting to know each other, as well as each other's characters, provides great background for the character interaction in the game. Please post all IC AIM convos in the AIM community.

Once again, talk to us. If you are going on hiatus, please make a post in the OOC community indicating why (if you're comfortable with that) and when you expect to be back. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Answer this question in the "Did you read the rules?" section of the application. Try to let us know as far ahead of time as possible, so that we can create an IC reason for your character(s)' absence. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the same post!

Make it believable. Please note that your characters should be created to be as real as possible. Do not base your characters on a single character trait, and expect to have everyone follow you around to thread. Nobody wants to play with a two-dimensional character. On that same note, your activity in the game should not be solely based on sexual encounters. Het/slash/smut are all wonderful things, but so is plot.