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General Info

The following information is specific to this game, and should be taken into account when playing. Please note that all and any information that is listed here can and will be changed at any time. All changes and additions to this list will first show up on Dr. Hatcher's journal, then those changes will be implemented on this post.

  • Semi-weekly, there will be prompts - suggestions, if you will - posted through Dr. Hatcher's journal, marked as such. These prompts will be storylines that anyone can pick up. Please check for these posts, as they are first come first serve. An example of a prompt that might be posted: A patient finds his/her cellphone in his/her room one night. Who is it from? Who is the patient? Etc. Of course, players need not wait for these prompts to play out storylines; all players are encouraged to come up with their own! Just remember to request for a Go Ahead beforehand.

  • Doctors go to their own homes at the end of the day, leaving the building's premises. Players are free to determine what kind of housing their character has, if their character is a doctor.

  • Patients live on the premises. The patients' rooms are identical to each other: there is a single bed in the corner and a wide window with sheer curtains that let the sun in; the walls are sparse, and painted a pale shade of either yellow, green, blue or purple; there is a small bedside table with a lamp. Players who have characters who are patients are encouraged to add their character's own flair to the interior.

  • Cellular phone usage on the premises is banned. In addition, all patients' cellular phones have been confiscated and kept in Dr. Hatcher's office for safe keeping. If patients need to make a call, they can ask the secretary on desk downstairs for assistance.

  • Doctors begin the day at nine and end the day at nine. They are not payed overtime. The secretary begins the day a little earlier and ends the day a little later. Same goes for Dr. Hatcher's assistant.

  • Patients have a curfew at eleven at night. There should not be any wandering in the hallways after this time. However, no one will be checking to make sure each patient is in his/her own room. Just as long as they're in A room.

  • Patients are handled by all doctors. This is to ensure that all players get a chance to interact with all characters.

  • Doctors are required to be in their lab coats at all times while on the clock. They are required to be wearing business casual wear; women are required to wear heels.

  • Patients can choose what to wear at any other time than their semi-regular sessions with the doctors. During these sessions patients are required to wear the industry-issued hospital garments.

  • Patients are given a physical semi-regularly; these sessions are frequent to monitor the serum's effects. The less time between the sessions the better, from the doctor's perspective.

  • Patients are not allowed, under any circumstances, to leave the premises. There is a small garden in the back area of the building; patients can explore this area if they wish. It is fenced.

  • Visitation by parental units are permitted, but the frequency of such meetings is low. Patients may request for a visit via the secretary or the assistant. Dr. Hatcher will get right back to you.

  • Patients will likely be in various stages of schooling. Those who are at the high school level - if requested - will be schooled sufficiently through a computer program. However, the affected patients may choose when to complete the assignments and homework and such, just as long as they actually complete them.

  • Patients are equipped with a personal laptop computer, though restrictions apply. All of these are connected to the MHI's iNet, and not to the Internet. The computers in the labs are contrarily connected to the Internet, but these are only accessible through passwords, which all doctors are provided with.

  • As of May 29 there is a fancy-pants espresso machine in the staff room. did that get there?

  • The building is located in the District of Columbia.