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This is the post to direct your questions at, concerning anything in the game, about the game, for the game, and such. As these questions are addressed they will be added to this post. If you feel it necessary to contact the mods directly, please PM mod1 or mod2 with your questions, and we will get back to you asap.

When do the symptoms of the disease show up?
The symptoms would only have begun more towards the character's current age. You could, if you want, make it so that your character had one or two very mild incidents as a small child, incidents that everyone brushed over because it was over very quickly, or something.

If patients complain about other problems like pain or insomnia, would a doctor be allowed to give them medicine on top of the regular dosage of the serum?
The simple answer is yes. But generally, the patient should not be feeling any of the previous symptoms once he/she begins the personally tailored doses of the serum. The serum itself also has no side effects. Individual characters may, however, suffer from chronic insomnia or hypochondria. Doctors are free to choose to treat each case as they think proper.

Is there a library at MHI?
Yes, a library exists in the building. The collection consists of popular fiction, graphic novels, and magazines. There are no research materials located in the library; everything the doctors use are available to them through their computer modules.

During those hours when the doctors are not in the building, who would deal with medical emergencies, if they should arise?
Martin Hatcher lives on the premises at MHI, and being a medical professional, he would be the one to deal with any emergencies that arise. There are no nurses, or handlers of any sort, other than the doctors, and so the duty would fall on Martin himself.