mhimodd (mhimodd) wrote,


1. Read through the premise, rp etiquette and MHI rules of conduct.

2. Pick a pb from the list and hold it.

3. Copy the following code and make a post in your own journal. Put everything under a cut, if you wish. It doesn't matter whether you put a filter in or not; we just need to be able to read it. Link us to the post in a comment here. This is because the character limit on the comments on LJ is very small, when considering all the writing we want you to do.

If you aren't sure what a Thread or Journal sample is, go here.

4. Once you are accepted, create a journal. It must somehow involve your character's name. You should not have any excessive X's, underscores, or numbers. Link the journal to mhimodd in the "bio" section. Friend mhimodd.

5. Make a post with a disclaimer, explaining that the journal is for MHI players only. Make a second post with your original application under a cut; make sure to post it out of date so that it is always displayed as your first entry in your journal. If you need help doing this, go here.

5. Request membership at: mhirp, mhiaim, mhiooc.

6. Upload at least one icon of your pb. This will be going in the directory so make sure it correctly represents the character.

7. Register an AIM screenname. Like the journal name, it must somehow involve your character's name and not contain a bunch of fillers. However, the AIM screenname need not be the exact same as the journal name.

8. Add all the players to your journal and your AIM screenname.

9. Once you've followed all those steps, you're good to go! Start playing and have fun!

10. If you would like to apply for another character, use this code:

Then follow steps 4-9, and you're set with another character!

*Please note that at this time we're only allowing a maximum of two characters per player.